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3- 5 Days: elimination of odor

  • After the introduction of the Biocatalyst, we noticed the odors disappear and have remained controlled since introduction.
  • This is accomplished with the breakdown of the chemicals to their basic elements through biological means.

3- 5 Days: Drives DO Up

  • Once the BIOCATALYST is introduced, you will be able to decrease mechanical aeration and lower energy expenses.
  • Example: Reduction of (4) 3 phase 30 HP Aeration Units 24/7 to primarily one Aeration unit – yields 75% reduction.
  • BIOCATALYST, through the Ionization process, increases the Dissolved Oxygen.

7 – 9 Days: Eliminates Filamentous Bacteria and Algae

  • By installing a re-circulating pump in the Clarifier with a sprinkler, we increase the Ionization & start the process of lowering the TSS and naturally Increase Bacterial Action (CFU’s) to eliminate the Filamentous Algae and Bacteria. Another low cost application!

12 – 14 Days: Increase volume of Microbes

  • Very Noticeable Increase in Stalked Ciliates, both Individual and Cluster CFU
  • Substantial Increase in all Bacteria across the board.

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22-30 Days: Measurable reduction in Solid Waste

  • During this period, the time and amount of Sludge waste begins to decrease significantly.
  • The case study,  shows the Gallons wasted after 30 days decreased in volume. It continues to decrease today. Our goal is to eliminate the need to remove Solid Waste from the facility altogether.